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Genvex Ventilation
An introduction to Genvex systems

All Genvex heat recovery ventilation appliances surpass building regulation requirements. They can also recover up to 95% of the heat that you would otherwise lose through normal ventilation. How is a Genvex appliance one step higher? It can also take additional heat out of the stale air with an air-source heat pump, which creates extra heating and cooling of the air in your home.

The Genvex Solution

Fresh air or energy savings? With Genvex ventilation appliances you can have both. Regardless of the age or size of your home, Genvex have the right system for you.

With up to 80% of allergy triggers being avoided with special pollen filters, a Genvex appliance can deliver the air changes required for healthy air and optimum energy efficiency. Alongside insulation and modern heating technology, Genvex appliances are one of the necessary components in the energy-saving homes of today.

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Genvex Ventilation Systems
Genvex Enhanced Heat Recovery

Genvex Enhanced Heat Recovery

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Genvex Ventilation
Allowing the whole house to breath

Modern highly insulated homes cannot breathe. Dust and a high level of humidity create the best conditions for house dust mites, as well as dampstained walls and misted windows due to condensation. A poor indoor climate is also a problem for many asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Genvex ventilates your home throughout without opening windows or doors to obtain fresh, warmed air.

• Genvex ventilation recovers up to 95% of the heat from the exhaust air
• No more condensation on windows with Genvex ventilation systems
• Genvex ventilation provides protection against dry rot and mould fungus
• Genvex ventilation reduces the risk of asthma and allergies
• Genvex ventilation reduces the concentration of organic solvents from furniture
• Genvex ventilation reduces radon emission from the subsoil
• Genvex ventilation reduces the incidence of house dust mites
• Fewer inconveniences from traffic noise as windows can remain closed
• Energy conserving system

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