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What is Beam Central Vacuum?

A Beam Central Vacuum System is the built-in cleaning appliance that lets you clean your home and improve indoor air quality at the same time.

Research at the University of California at Davis has proven that a Beam system provides relief from major allergy symptoms...as much as 61%. Recent product enhancements provide peak performance for life. They include a more powerful, higher-efficiency motor, a new secure seal system, and a new HEPA CleanStream™ Filtration System, which is five times stronger than other leading filtration media.

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Virtually Silent

As the Beam vacuum unit is normally located in your garage, utilty room or loft, you will enjoy vacuuming in virtual silence.

The phone, the doorbell and the baby can be easily heard ... or imagine listening to your favourite CD instead of a noisy motor.


With a nine metre vacuum hose and cleaning attachments for everywhere, including pets, cars and computers, nothing escapes the power of your Beam Central Vacuum

Installed in only a few hours

Beam Central Vacuums can be fitted quickly and simply using natural space in your home, with no fuss or disruption. As the vacuum hose covers a large area, only a few points are required.

Reliable And Virtually Maintenance-Free

Designed to provide many years of trouble-free performace. No regular servicing or maintenance is required and its highly efficient filter is permenant and self cleaning. In addition, the dust container should only need to be emptied two or three times a year.

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